Brand New Dualshock 4 Controllers Incoming

EDIT: Seems as the Copper controller will be a GameStop exclusive for the launch, but will come to other stores later.

I have always been a fan of variant controllers. I collected quite a few rad 360 back in the day, but of course realized I didn’t need 10 different controllers for one system. I’m down to just my Tomb Raider exclusive controller for my 360, and my sexy Seas Of Thieves controller for my Xbox One. (I have never played Sea of Thieves.)

Sony has some pretty rad new colored controllers coming out now. Berry Blue, Copper, Sunset Orange, and another camo one I honestly don’t care about.

Sony seems to only ever do solid colors, aside from the camo. Exclusive consoles will net you a fancy controller, like the Star Wars ones from the past.

The controllers will be available in September. Any of these catch your eye? I personally like the Berry Blue one, but the Sunset Orange feels kind of calming.

Check out the full article on Polygon here!

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