Top Games of E3 2018 #3

Dying Light 2

Dying Light has been one of my favorite games of this generation. The parkour, the zombies, the stressful night attacks. So good.

Now, I really wasn’t holding my breath for this sequel to be announced. Techland has been hard at work supporting the first game with free content drops. They are also working on their own version of battle royale, which you might roll your eyes at, but check out the gameplay for it and you’ll see how cool it actually looks.

The sequel looks pretty ambitious. New map, better parkour, but choices are the big thing this time around. The choices you make, whether deciding with the current leadership in the settlements, or creating your own, will shape the world and create a ton of new quests and opportunities for you.

They even have Chris Avellone (KotOR2 and Planescapes: Torment) has been tapped to help write the story and actually create a lore bible for the world of Dying Light.

From what I have heard from hands on demos, the game is definitely tense, and sometimes downright scary. The zombies in the dark are brutal and fast, but they sleep during the day. So walking into a warehouse could lead you into an open room full of 40 sleeping monsters. One wrong step and you’ll be ripped apart.

No release date currently, but I’m suspecting summer 2019. If not, it’ll be a February 2020 game.

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