Top Games of E3 2018 #1


This game definitely flew under the radar for many people at E3. It was at Sony’s press conference so I didn’t see it initially. But when I hears that Remedy had announced a new game, I had to see it.

Remedy made one of my favorite games ever, Alan Wake. They also did Quantum Break for the Xbox One a few years back. It was a pretty ambitious game, trying to do more with it like turning it into a TV show and the like. I personally really liked it. Gameplay was great, story was solid, but also weird which I dig.

Control is another weird ass game from Remedy. The story, from what i understand, is there is a secret company that holds objects and the world’s secrets on super natural stuff.

You play as a woman named Jesse, who visits this building known as The Last House. Something invaded this building called The Hiss and everyone who works here are under its control. Absolutely bonkers, I know.

So now Jesse is making her way through this building, using her own supernatural powers to find out answer. I don’t know man, it’s nuts, but so was Alan Wake and Quantum Break. And they were great.

Watch the trailer, watch the gameplay, and see for yourself. The game is scheduled for next year.

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