Top Games from E3 2018 #2

The Last of Us Part II

I honestly didn’t watch this at the press conference. Like I said in the first post, I only got the opportunity to watch Microsofts conference, arguably the best one of E3. But after watching the trailer for this game, I am even more excited for it.

If you haven’t watched the trailer for this yet, go do so. It is incredibly impactful. You get to see what I believe is the beginning of the game. Ellie is older, and has been living with this settlement of people for quite sometime now. They are having some sort of party. Everything is bright, people are dancing and having a great time. All feels calm and peaceful. I don’t want to spoil too much, so watch this trailer right now and then continue reading below.

See how good it was? seriously, I loved it. Showing off the gameplay was incredibly smart. The focus on the brutality honestly is important for TLOUII. The first game showed us how people will change in this post apocalyptic setting, and it has excalated drastically. I felt fear for Ellie as she was running away from these people. Are they bad guys? More than likely, as you watch them hang a pleading man and gut him, entrails spilling out. Bandits is what I guess we can call them for now. But Ellie is referred to as The Wolf. She has a reputation it seems.

As Ellie is taking these bandits out though, there is no remorse. It’s straight forward. She is there to do exactly what she is doing. The game looks phenominal as well. The water, the sounds. It is exactly what you would expect from Naughty Dog.

I am excited to see the story. From what I am piecing together, the girl that Ellie kisses in the begginning and end of this trailer gets killed by these bandits. She is on a revenge mission. Seems pretty cliche, sure, but you know there will be more to it. Just like the first one. The first game was to get Ellie to the fireflies to create a possible cure for this fungus plague. Pretty standard stuff.

Speaking of the fungus disease, where the hell are the clickers? The spores? They seemed like they were everywhere in the first game, but we have yet to see it at all for Part II. I’m sure we will of course. Right now it is definitely focusing on the human interactions in the world though, and I personally think it is the right move. For now. Hopefully PSX we get a little more insight, and clickers of course!


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