Top Games of E3 2018 #4

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Well, this one was actually a surprise to me. It was leaked about a week or so ahead of E3, so we knew this was coming to Ubisoft’s press conference. That being said, I absolutely thought th AC franchise was going to take a year off. Ubisoft was so happy after taking time off between Syndicate and Origins. Said it really improved the series, which I agree for the most part. Overall, Origins was a really great stepping stone.

Now enters Odyssey. Set in Greece, which is great, but it is set a couple hundred years before Origins. So what was the point of Origins? Origins showed the birth of the Assassin Order. Odyssey seems to have absolutely no tie with the Templar or Assassin issues. At this point, all they are doing is making third person action adventure time period games. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love the series. But I can’t help but feel like maybe they should be making a completely different game series. They have moved away from the core story of the series, the present day stuff is a joke at this point. Ugh.

Okie. So you might have read this far and now you’re thinking “why the hell is this game one of your tops games of E3 2018?” I might be sad that the AC franchise is so far removed from what it once was, but damn are they still fun. Even Origins didn’t feel like an AC game but I put an incredible amount of time into it.
Odyssey is definitely stepping it up in terms of RPG stuff. You can play as either a female or male, which this type of choice is absolutely new.

There are also romances in the game ,which I personally do not care ahout, and dialogue choices. From what I saw in the demo it almost seems like the dialogue choices are tacked on for the most part. But it is more choice, and that is rarely a bad thing.

Combat looks like the same as Origins which I really liked. My biggest hope was that the next game after Origins would try and go back to the stealth aspect. The planning to take out your targets. We will not be getting it with this entry, not even close.

It feels like I’ve been harping on Odyssey more than being excited about it. I think I will always be excited for a new Assassin’s Creed game. But when that hardcore stealth game set in Japan comes out, I will be even more stoked for the franchise.

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