Top Games of E3 2018 #5

The Division 2

If you followed my Progress Bar video series, I started getting deep into The Division after they announced the upcoming sequel a few months ago. I had two accounts running on both Xbox and PS4 and was having a great time exploring the snowy New York that Ubisoft created.

Now that Ubisoft has officially showed off The Division 2, I am even more excited. The new setting will be in Washington. It seems like the virus you thought you stopped in New York made its way out into the world.

The gameplay seems the same overall. This is a good thing though. The Division got updated so much and really leaned into the more MMO aspects. Raids are going to be a big thing, and you can have up to 8 players in your group.

The story always took a back seat in the first game, so hopefully they double down on it and really flesh it out more.

Ubisoft is still updating The Division right now, giving a lead up to the sequel. Also, there are shields that you can earn that will transfer weapons and cosmetic stuff over into The Division 2! So get back into the game, and I’ll see you in the Dark Zone.

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