Top Games from E3 2018 #6

Gears 5

Gears of War is easily one of the Xbox’s most well know franchises, alongside Halo of course. E3 2018 has revealed the newest entry in the franchise dubbed only Gears 5. Why no ‘of War’? Because everyone has been calling it Gears since it first released and it honestly sounds better.

In this new entry we are playing as Kait. The friend of JD Fenix from Gears of War 4. The story picks off from where 4 ended. When they showed the trailer at the Microsoft press conference, I actually didn’t recognize Kait. Or Del. Or even JD. These were the 3 main characters in 4, and with me completely forgetting them kind of speaks volumes to how well Gears of War 4 stuck with me.

That being said, man did this trailer show well. After figuring out who is who, and seeing Marcus again, (yay? Right? We still like Marcus, right?) the story they begin to weave intrigues me a lot.

It seems Locusts are still the main enemies. Which makes sense. They can’t just magically create a new enemy on the same planet they have been on. The locusts were hidden under ground. Where are the new enemies suppose to be? Invisible? But it does look like the annoying robots from Gears 4 will be making an appearance again, but this time taken over by Locust DNA. I don’t know how that works, but I’m all for it.

I like that we are not playing as a Fenix this time around. Kait isn’t a new character, but still new to play as. And the trailer gives off some serious horror vibes. Hopefully they stick with it in Gears 5, and not let it be a let down like 4 was.

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