Top Games from E3 2018 #7

Fallout 76

I wrote a piece on Fallout 76 when it first got leaked that it was going to be a multiplayer, always only game. My initial impressions are still about the same still. Fallout was never a game I wanted to play with friends. I want to enjoy the world, the stories, the characters, on my own.

That being said, I am starting to see the positive of an online Fallout. Don’t look at it as a real, mainline entry into the franchise. Take it for what it is, a survival game.

I was worried about having to constantly fight griefers, worried about having to deal with nukes landing in my rust bucket of a settlement.

Now, I am just leaning into it. Instead of getting shit on by other players, why not shit on them? Sounds awful, but someone has to do it. I want to make the first wasteland Tunnel Snakes crew.

I like to say all this, but let’s be real. I’m going to be cowering in the corner of the map hoping no one notices me.

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