Top Games from E3 2018 #10

Cyberpunk 2077

So yeah, we didn’t get to see actual gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 this year, but the fact that they showed it off and gave a glimpse of what they are going for definitely got me excited. That, and many news outlets got to go watch a 50 minute demo of the game being played and they detailed every second for us less fortune gamers.

I recommend reading Game Informer’s preview of the game. They detail it so well. It is definitely not what most people were probably expecting though. Think more Deus Ex than The Witcher. As in, the game is in first person. Check out the trailer below.

After reading the numerous game play details, this game has me wanting to get ready to live in this world that CD Projekt Red is making.

There are rumors that we will get to see this behind doors gameplay at GamesCom later this year. Here’s hoping!

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