Crackdown 3 Delayed Again, but does anyone care?

Man oh man. My favorite thing I have read all year has been a post saying Crackdown 3 has been delayed again and “Another blow to Xbox’s first-party lineup.”

My first response is: is it really a blow if everyone has either stopped caring about this title, or have completely forgotten about it?

Where are the people who actually care about Crackdown 3?

I get some people actually are wanting this game, but whenever it is brought up in conversation I hear “last time I got my hands on that demo it was not shaping up well at all.” Or “did that get cancelled yet?” And even “it’s going to be the next Scalebound.” I honestly have no idea why it is taking so long for this game to release. It’s not like it’s going to revolutionize anything in the gaming industry, especially now since it was announce 4 years ago now.

I guess this begs the question what else does Microsoft got for this year? When I was thinking of their first-party lineup Crackdown 3 was never on the list as it is. So we got Gears of War 5 maybe? A new Forza? Still nothing exciting for Microsoft as of right now. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally down for more Gears, hopefully they change it up a bit this time around.

Microsoft is a huge wild card this year at E3. They have everything to prove right now. Hopefully Crackdown 3 was just a strategically move so they could get some newer, bigger IPs out this year.

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