Titanfall 2 is Still Alive and So Much Fun

Update: This post is still obtaining quite a few views, but it was posted a while ago. I just wanted to give a quick edit to people looking to see if this game’s multiplayer is still kicking.

Yes. I am still playing the multiplayer and it is fairly quick into getting you into matches. You’ll run into some pretty skilled players, but the game is still excellent. And don’t forget that amazing single player experience as well!


Grappling onto a nearby pilot, swinging in and performing a super rad execution. Wall riding, sliding across the ground and double jumping to land on top of an enemy titan, only to have electric smoke envelope you entirely and killing you outright. Even getting shot by an enemy pilot after they did some sick parkour moves makes me audibly say ‘nice’ and press X to respawn.

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is still alive and kicking and I absolutely love it. I put in a considerable amount of time with the game on my PS4 when it was first released, but now I have it on my Xbox with the EA Access app.

I was a little worried that the community actually might be dead entirely. The game has been out long enough that you would think it would be much smaller. Whenever I search for a game, omitting several game modes that I am not good at, it still only takes about 15 seconds to get going.

The weapons are a ton of fun. I find myself gravitating more towards the SMG class, but the shotguns feel so good to take out enemy pilots and grunts.

Call of Duty has done the wall riding, the double jumps, but they no way rival Titanfall 2. Or even the original for that matter. It is all so fluid, it feels amazing stringing together wall runs, slides, and jumps.

The biggest thing I never felt comfortable with in Titanfall was the actual titan combat. I was never good at it. I would eventually just deploy my giant mech and let it go in auto mode. Picking off silly pilots trying to do a rodeo, or taking pot shots at enemy titans too preoccupied with taking on a stupid AI robot.

Now in Titanfall 2 I realised that the titans can very easily turn the tide of a match. Dropping down into your titan faster that the enemy team can put you far ahead in points or let you catch up. I enjoy rocking the predator cannon and wiping out enemies. Running over terrified grunts can be pretty satisfying as well, as demented as that sounds.

Seriously though, if you haven’t given Titanfall 2 a shot, do it now. The single player story alone is worth the money spent. You’ll very easily find it on sale too. It’s so good.

Man do I hope EA announces Titanfall 3 this weekend.

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