How I feel about Fallout 76

Scrolling through the internet a few weeks out from E3, you’re bound to come across multiple game leaks, teasers, and announcements. My favorite this season so far is definitely Besthesda and RAGE 2. It got leaked with a dozen other games thanks to a Canadian Walmart website. They went about it pretty well. Even though the game has shown a horrible live action teaser, and a relatively interesting gameplay trailer, I just really like how they handled the situation.

Now imagine my surprise when Bethesda starts up a live stream with the famous Fallout “Please Stand By” screen. This wasn’t suppose to be a new Fallout year. It wasn’t suppose to be a new Elder Scrolls year either, I knew that. I expected a more timid year for Besthesda. Prey DLC. RAGE 2 apparently. Nothing as big as a new Fallout.

Then I started hearing rumors about a Fallout 3 remastered, and Fallout 4 going to the Switch. This got me pretty excited. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. Taking it with me on trips would be fantastic. And I really didn’t put in as much time with Fallout 4, so the idea of playing it again and getting it mobile was rad.

Now, I am a pretty big Fallout fan. Love the series. I wasn’t crazy enough to sit in front of a screen for hours on end waiting for their live stream to do something. Luckily though, there were about 80,000 people who were.

So when they finally unveiled the trailer for Fallout 76, it spread rapidly. Its a standard Fallout trailer. You get the old music. Showing off the enviroment. That sort of thing. I’m excited. It’s not a main line Fallout, or a remaster, but it’s a side game and I liked New Vegas enough to be down for this.

After this was released I read a report from Kotaku saying that the game is online, like Rust and H1Z1.

My heart sank. Fallout was always a single player experience. When they announced Elder Scrolls Online I wasn’t crazy about that either. These online survival like games are not my cup of tea. Maybe that’s because they’re janky PC games that never work properly? Sounds about right.

Currently my expectations are mild. I keep hearing stuff where you can play by yourself and it has a story and side quests like normal. It’s also suppsedly set right when the war ends and you are the first people to start rebuilding the wasteland. Right now though, all we can do is sit and wait for the Besthesda E3 press conference.

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