It’s been a little bit since I last wrote anything for this blog website thing. I think I only have two posts on here, but before this blog I was running Slannxe Gaming. I ended up wanting to do more than just talk about video games, so I created The Tired Obsidian to make it more of a wide variety of things. Not to say I won’t be writing or making videos about games. I have a video series called Progress Bar where I talk about the current games I am playing; but I really want to write about other things, talk about other things. I still don’t have a ton of free time, and in a week I will probably have even less. Expect to see more written posts though. I want to continue my video series, and make others types of videos soon too. My life isn’t crazy interesting, but hey, I like the idea of a more personal blog so we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned!

Find me on YouTube under The Tired Obsidian and on Twitter @Slannxe