God of War (2018) Impressions

So the new God of War has been out for almost two weeks now and at this point, you have already picked it up and have gotten some sense of what the game is, or you’ve already blasted through the story and are wondering if there will be any sort of DLC coming out for it. I for one am still working on the game right now. I have put a decent amount of time into it but I know I still have quite a journey to get through.

Let me start off by saying I have never been a huge fan of the God of War series. There was never a whole lot of depth to the game. Hack and slash these bad guys, punch gods, mash buttons, and win. The story was actually pretty intriguing to me at the time. It wouldn’t stand up to the juggernaut that is this new entry, but I enjoyed the premise.

This new God of War is such a drastic change to the franchise and it is very welcoming. Instead of the far back camera, you get an up close and personal one. Granted, it can get kind of frustrating being right up on Kratos, but in time you’ll learn the nuances of dodging and the parry.

Continuing the camera discussion, at this point you probably know that the game doesn’t cut. It is all one continuous shot. The load times are hidden so well and going from cut scene to gameplay is all seamless. It is an incredible feat for video games. Cory Barlog is a genius.

Speaking of Kratos, a lot of people think he is such a different person. I have to disagree. Yes, he is much calmer than in previous entries and yes, he controls himself much better, but he’s still Kratos. Not a whole lot of depth to him honestly. More than in the past, but not much.

The combat is excellent. It has taken the control scheme most third-person action-adventure games have taken. The light and heavy attack triggers, the shield block. It works well. And I have to say, the axe is amazing. Throwing it is great, but how it works blows me away. Recalling it, using it for puzzles, throwing it into the trunk of a tree. They thought of everything for this weapon when creating the game.

I like Atreus. I know some may think he’s an annoying kid, and he is at times, but he’s a kid! A super useful kid though. In fights, I use him constantly. His arrows are badass the further you get into the game. I highly recommend upgrading all of his stuff before doing your own. He is an immense asset.

So far I am really enjoying the game. I know I have much more to get through, but I already feel like getting the platinum.

How has God of War been treating you guys so far?

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